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Om oss

About us

Delfi data is a software development company that delivers solutions and services for the bank and finance sector.

Our goal is to be a strategic partner for the bank and finance sector in Scandinavia by offering valuable and effective advisory solutions to be used both in traditional as well as digital channels.

Through the years we have developed a great environment founded on innovation and expertise related to advisory services. Today, we deliver advisory solutions to the majority of Norwegian banks, and other financial institutions in Denmark, Sweden and the Faroe Islands.

Delfi Data was established in 1981 and is headquartered in Bergen, Norway.

Bjørn Carlsen
managing director

Mobile: 911 93 855
Email: bjorn.carlsen@delfidata.no

Svein Ove Båtnes
director of products

Mobile: 901 14 879
Email: sveinove.batnes@delfidata.no

Trude Stadheim
head of development and responsible for HR

Mobile: 957 40 047
Email: trude.stadheim@delfidata.no