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Rådgiver PM

Rådgiver PM

Rådgiver PM is the perfect product for financial services advisors.

Rådgiver PM is the advisor’s best everyday tool, simplifying processes for both the advisor and her customer. Rådgiver PM provides support for both broad and specialised advice within the areas of:

•    Credit
•    Investment and Savings
•    Pensions
•    Insurance

Rådgiver PM are used when compiling all relevant data relating to the adviser’s client, be it a household or individual needs, and provides a detailed overview of the customer’s financial situation.

Examples of alternative situations that can be simulated and illustrated are:

•    Financial impact of acquiring a loan or mortgage
•    Financial impact relating to disability or death
•    Change of financial situation relating to retirement
•    Give proposals with recommended products
•    Show forecasts on investment returns for different investment proposals

Rådgiver PM is based on our advisory platform

Rådgiver PM ensures that the bank fulfils regulatory requirements related to providing financial advice. The platform further ensures that all data used in the process are stored in one place. This allows for the reuse of input data for other processes. All data produced by Rådgiver PM can be exported to the bank’s other systems, like data warehouses, loan systems or other production systems.

The product is based on our own software platform and can easily be extended with new, standardised modules. The solution is already integrated with a lot of the systems used by banks in Norway, and can easily be integrated with the banks’ own processes for financial advice.

Today, Rådgiver PM are in use by advisors in banks large and small, as well as in many financial insitutions in Scandinavia.