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A proven financial advice solution

Digital platform for financial advice and distribution

Stacc Insights’s solution consists of flexible and effective modules for giving advice and carrying out the efficient distribution of financial products. It saves our customers both time and money through streamlined advisory processes.
The solution has rich functionality enabling mapping, analysing, changing and simulating the customer’s financial situation. The analyses can be used for giving advice in relation to a specific purpose, such as when giving advice on credit or placement. The analyses can also provide a complete mapping of needs given the end-users’ financial situation

Simple integration and customisation

The solution is built upon a modular and flexible system framework based on a modern architecture. The solution is divided into layers with a clear distinction between the service and the user interface layer, thus allowing for self-service solutions via web and mobile.

Dedicated services and APIs for sharing data with other systems makes the platform well-suited for integration with the bank’s other processes.
Comprehensive configuration options allows the bank to easily customise the solution to suit their needs; either per installation, domain or country.

User friendly and modern

Developing the graphical interface we aimed to provide an enjoyable user experience through an intuitive and effective workflow. We achieved this by using a modern architecture, rich Internet applications and focusing on user-friendly interaction design.