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Samhandling & selvbetjening

Interaction and self-service

Giving advice through different channels.

Our architecture ensures that the advisement process can be carried out utilising all of the bank’s digital surfaces and reusing information, analyses and offers across channels. The bank is given the possibility of carrying out a successful interaction with the customer by:

•    Doing physical meetings
•    Doing meetings while being located in different places. The customer can participate in a conversation from the comfort of their computer or mobile device at home. The advisor guides the customer through dedicated and easily understandable screens.
•    Giving advice while not sitting together and at the customer’s leisure. Here the customer can register their information with the bank or review recommended proposals.

The entire process can be customised to allow for self-service

The platform can be customised to offer self-service solutions. The customer can register relevant information that is then used as a basis for an advice session with one of your financial advisors.

The advisor then saves time in the meeting and can better prepare the financial advice session. Alternatively, the whole process can be done through self-service. Ultimately, it is the bank’s profile and strategy that defines the process – we facilitate the solution that best suits your needs.